Clipboard Master - The Multi-Clipboard With Integrated Screenshot Tool


Clipboard Master is a multi-clipboard for Windows with an integrated screenshot tool that also functions with Windows 8/8.1 apps. You can see the multi-clipboard in a Windows 8 app in the image to the right. The screenshot tool also works.

Simply press the Print key and the window or element under the cursor will be selected. Elements are buttons, labels, checkboxes, et cetera. These are automatically selected for the screenshot. To manually select an area, simply use the mouse (press the left mouse button, define the area, release the left mouse button).

Clipboard Master Overview:

  • Multi-Clipboard
  • Text Templates
  • It is also possible to create key combinations (hotkeys) for text, functions or scripts, such as left Shift + Q.
  • Screenshots (also of Windows 8 apps, the area can be selected manually)
  • Global context menu for frequently used functions
  • Integrated zip tool (zipper, unzipper zip, 7z and many other file types)

» Feature tour


To help you get to know Clipboard Master, we have put together a feature tour and a collection screenshots for you.