Clipboard Master - Windows Multi-Clipboard, Text Template Management And Much More


Clipboard Master is a multi-clipboard for Windows. Clipboard Master also offers text templates that can quickly be pasted to any application with the push of a button, via a list or via menu.

Alternative to PhraseExpress



Clipboard Master can significantly accelerate your work on a Windows PC. You no longer have to repeated type the same words, sentences and phrases. Your text templates as well as predefined text templates are available in the various clipboards.

Clipboard Master Overview:

  • Multi-Clipboard, Optimal Operation Via Keyboard and Mouse
  • Text Templates
  • Screenshots (also of Windows 8 apps, the area can be selected manually)
  • Global context menu for frequently used functions
  • Integrated zip tool (zipper, unzipper zip, 7z and many other file types) e.g. simply press second Alt key + P to paste the last file(s) copied as an attachment in an email as a compressed archive.
  • Last path used to quickly paste the last path under which the Word document was saved.
  • The abbreviations "SGH" and "SGF" paste the last names from the received in email, and not only in Outlook.
  • System-wide hotkeys can be configured (exceptions can also be specifically configured) for various functions
  • Mouse buttons can be assigned global features, e.g. middle mouse button with "Paste" or double click, <Ctrl> + <right mouse button> or <left + right mouse buttons> can also be assigned functions.

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To help you get to know Clipboard Master, we have put together a feature tour and a collection screenshots for you.