Clipboard Master Multi-Clipboard

In contrast to Windows, Clipboard Master features a multi-clipboard that you can also use to access previous copies. Clipboard Master stores up to 10,000 entries.

Text, images, files and folders that you copy in Windows or a Windows program are automatically added to the Clipboard Master multi-clipboard. The new entry is always added to the top of the list. You can comfortably use all entries in all other programs. » More Info

Clipboard Master - The Multi-Clipboard - Also for Windows 8 Apps

Clipboard Master also works in Windows 8/8.1 apps. Use key combinations (Win+V), select entries in lists and press Tab or Insert.


With the free program Clipboard Master, you can copy, paste, collect, organize and store not only text, but images, files and folders as well. It works in all Windows programs.

To help you get to know Clipboard Master, we have put together a feature tour and a collection screenshots for you.