Sicherheits-Hinweise Keyboard Flexikeys

Clipboard Master helps you to work very efficiently with the keyboard and saves from a great deal of unnecessary typing. You can adapt the key combinations to your needs (and keyboard).

» Hotkeys overview

1. Key Combinations (Hotkeys)

You assign so-called hotkeys (e.g. Win + V or Ctrl + Shift + U) in Clipboard Master for nearly any action globally (that is, generally in all programs) or only in specific programs. System hotkeys - such as Win + L or Win + V in Windows 8 can also be reassigned. Special keys such as Browser can also be reassigned, also together with Shift, Ctrl, Alt and/or Win.

Extended Hotkeys:

Clipboard Master offers so-called expanded hotkeys: It can tell whether the left or right Shift, Ctrl, Alt or Windows button is pressed. Possible expanded hotkeys are e.g.

- left Ctrl + A
- right Ctrl + A
- left Ctrl + right Ctrl + A

- Ctrl, A  (press and release Ctrl, then press A)
- A + B  (press A then press B, then release both)

Each of the hotkeys described above can be assigned to a different function.
For example, left Ctrl + right Ctrl + A can be assigned to start a program while left Ctrl + A and right Ctrl + A respectively continue to mark all.

Overview of Key Combinations (Hotkeys):

» System Hotkeys
» Expanded hotkeys differentiate between the left and right Shift, Ctrl, Alt and Windows keys
» Many possibleActions
» Assign and/or reassign system hotkeys (e.g. Win+L, Browser)
» Program-dependent
» Define Hotkey

Here is a selection of possible actions:

» Open Clipboard Master
» Show Clipboard Master Tray Icon Menu
» Start a program
» Simulate keystrokes
» Deliver the marked text to a program or script
» Modify the marked text with pre-defined function or with script
» More

2. AutoText and AutoText Abbreviation


Clipboard Master suggests words and sentences by pressing second Alt key + spacebar, or even automatically with Version 4 and higher:

a. You type in a word and suggestions appear:

b. You type the letters of the first 3 words:

c. You type a defined AutoText abbreviation:

The text is then pasted with the Tab key. You can, of course, define Another Key.

» AutoText Settings
» Define AutoText Abbreviation

3. Flexikeys


Flexikeys are more than hotkeys. Like hotkeys, flexikeys conduct a specific action, e.g. starting a program or pasting something.
In addition, a flexikey is dependent upon what was just entered (e.g. a number), the text just typed will be delivered to this action, e.g. to calculate a formula or to supplement a path or file name.

The flexikeys help to directly execute small tasks such as calculating a formula or converting a number or delivering an expression to a program directly where you are writing. You no longer have to open the calculator or Excel.

Calculate expression:

Enter a formula e.g. 4*5+2 and then press the corresponding flexikey (Num); this changes to 22.
-> Insert ->

Supplement directory and file name:
Complete directory with Tab like in the command line but in every program:

-> Tab ->

» More