Ablagen laden Import a Clipboard Ablagen verschieben


You can import Textes from a text, Word or Excel file.

Open the Clipboard Master list, and select the list where you want to import textes (e.g. with Ctrl + Tab). 

Now open the context menu (right click) and select 'More' -> 'Import'. In the show dialog you can open a file to import.

Options for file import:

Import complete text as one item:
The complete text will be added as one element to the current list.

New line is seperator for new items:
New items are seperated by a new line. So each line will the added as new item to the current list.

Double new line is separtator for new items:
New items are seperated by 2 new lines. With this items with new lines can be added.


Clipboard Master can automatically update its list from a file. For this please create a new clipboard.