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CBM Clipboards Properties Paste Tab
Clipboard Master Clipboards Properties Paste Tab
  • Add New Line As Tab
    This option is necessary when completing forms and pasting passwords. When a new line is added, the pressing of the Tab key is simulated, causing the cursor to move to the next entry field.

  • Quick Paste Via Filter/Search
    Clipboard Master has a combined search/filter field. When you open Clipboard Master and type in text,

    1. only those entries will be displayed in the list that contain the search text and
    2. the first element in which a word occurs that begins with this search text is marked.

    If you activate the option "Quick Paste Via Filter/Search" this entry will be directly pasted if Clipboard Master finds only one entry.

  • Remember Window Title
    If you activate this option, Clipboard Master will remember the window in which an entry was pasted. When you open the clipboard the next time, the corresponding entry will automatically be selected again. This option is activated for the password safe.