Aktion 'Eingegebene Zahl umwandeln' Action "Calculate Typed Formula"  Aktion 'Ersetzen aus Benutzerwörterbuch'

The formula just entered is calculated with this action, e.g.:

And this works in (almost) any program or entry field.

The following mathematical operations are supported:

  • +, -, *, /
  • \ (=modulo)
  • ^ (= caret)
  • %
  • abs, sin, cos, log, mod, sgn

() and [] can be used as brackets. Blank spaces cannot be used.

Paste Mode:

  • Replace text
    The formula entered will be replaced with the result, e.g. 4+33+8 becomes 45.
  • Add text
    The formula entered is not replaced, but instead the result text is simply added, e.g. 4+33+8 becomes 45.
  • User-defined:
    You can defined additional (fixed) characters here, e.g. %t=%n, 4+33+8 becomes, e.g. 4+33+8 = 45.
    %t stands for the characters entered and %n for the next text.



Numbers can be written as hexadecimal numbers, with a leading 0x or &h, e.g. 0x41+0x16*2.
As soon as a number is written as a hexadecimal number and the result is a whole number, the result will also be given as a hexadecimal number. Press the flexikey again to display the number as a decimal number.
If only one number results from a formula, e.g. only 48, this will be converted to the corresponding hexadecimal number and vice versa.