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CBM Settings Advanced 09 Collections
Clipboard Master Settings Advanced 09 Collections
  • Automatically Detect Collections / Max. Time Between Copying
    A collection is a number of elements that copied sequentially into the clipboard. When you activate this option, Clipboard Master automatically begins a collection when the time interval between the individual copies is less than specified here.

  • Max. Time Between Copying
    The time interval before which Clipboard Master automatically begins a collection.

  • Show Window With Collection
    When this option is activated, Clipboard Master display a small window with the collected copies when a collection is begun.

  • End Collection If Pasted With Ctrl + V or Shift + Insert
    The collection will be ended automatically is the keyboard is used to paste.

  • Automatically Paste Collections To the Windows Clipboard
    When activated, all elements of the collection are automatically copied to the Windows clipboard. You can then paste the entire collection from the Windows clipboard with Ctrl + V.